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Stop / Start Services Feature

For situations where the Open File Add-On cannot be used, each Backup for Workgroups Client has a feature called "Stop/Start Services", which allows you to tell Backup for Workgroups to shut down certain services so all of the files associated with that service are in a closed state and available to backup.

If a service is running, the files may be in a locked state which will cause Backup for Workgroups to skip them.  Stopping the service allows Backup for Workgroups to include all of the files associated with that service, including the application itself and any database that service uses, in the backup session.

For example, you can tell Backup for Workgroups to stop the SQL or Exchange service, perform a backup of the closed files, then automatically re-start the SQL or Exchange Service when the backup is complete.

This method may not work if you want to perform backups during the day (when users are possibly interacting with and using this database), but it’s perfect for a scheduled backup during off-hours.