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Offsite Backup Solutions for Windows Servers and Desktops

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Main Office Number:  1-480-393-0731

Special note about contacting us by phone - It never fails, we go through periods of everybody trying to call at once, and then no one calls and we are lonely. Should you call and leave a voice mail message for us, please speak slowly!  And it is always a good idea to repeat your phone number twice.

We want to call you back, but if you call from a cell phone and the connection cuts in and out while you are leaving your phone number, we often find that we cannot decipher your phone number and therefore cannot return your call.  If we have not called you back within 1 business day, call us again or send an email with your phone number with a couple of suggestions of when it would be good for us to call you back. Or, send an email with your questions so we can respond right away. Email is great because we can respond to you without getting stuck playing phone tag.

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About Grand Canyon Vault:
Grand Canyon Vault., a privately held corporation headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona. 
Dedicated to Offsite Systems and Data Backup, Disaster Recovery Planning and Procedures, and Business Continuity Planning.

Grand Canyon Vault is the host and marketer of offsite backups, a comprehensive, client/server backup and disaster recovery software program for Windows servers, workstations and laptops. Originally designed for the needs of small-to-midsize businesses, Grand Canyon Vault provides enterprise-class backup and restore features traditionally found in more expensive backup solutions. Grand Canyon Vault is a privately held company located in Phoenix, Arizona, founded by the team who developed the Offsite Backup/Disater Recovery and Business Continuity planning and procedures for Fortune 500 companies.