Grand Canyon Vault, LLC.  (USA)
Offsite Backup Solutions for Windows Servers and Desktops

Grand Canyon Vault is in the largest commercially available data center in the United States to achieve Tier III Design Certification from the Uptime Institute.

What is Tier Certification?

Tier Certification is a vendor-neutral, third-party certification for system and operational sustainability delivered by the Uptime Institute Professional Services (formerly ComputerSite Engineering). The Uptime Institute Professional Services is the only firm licensed to rate and certify topology against the Uptime Institute's Tier Classification System.

Our Data Centers are Five Star Hotels

It is our job to make sure that our equipment stays cool, secured, connected, and running. We offer a vast variety of services that accommodate businesses specific needs in a location, security and connectivity to make things run consistently and reliably.

Our individual badge access controlled cabinets come in 19" and 23" configurations. They have 20A dedicated 120V power standard, with custom power options available including - 48V DC Power.

We have a large array of Antenna Masts with access to several repeater sites around the state to provide you with a complete wireless solution to remote customers, sattellite-office or your emergency connectivity needs.

We have a 24x7 manned Network Security Operations NOC which monitors your network for unauthorized intrusion, port scanning, denail of service and other service degregating attacks.

Data Center
Our datacenterhas been awarded Tier III Design Certification. This certification demonstrates our engineering capabilities.

From the utility, GCV distributes and conditions power using generator-paralelling switch gear, manufacturer-diverse uninterruptible power systems and power distribution units. Backup power is generated by a pool of multi-megawatt Caterpillar generators.

Our data center uses the latest technologies and systems to enhance reliability and to efficiently remove heat from the data center and reduce energy consumption.

Access Control
Multiple layers of access control, including a defensible perimeter, digital video surveillance, biometric screening and 24x7xForever guard staff provide physical protection from unauthorized entry into the data center.